Salesforce Access Required

For the program to run as smoothly as possible, we will need access to your Salesforce sandbox and production.

Salesforce allows for us to easily notify your team which contacts have changed jobs. 

Why do we need Salesforce access?

Initial Configuration

  • Create Salesforce infrastructure needed to launch the job changes program. This includes new fields and updates to page layouts. No automations needed.
  • Build the Reports and Dashboards included in the program, giving your team visibility on all the job changes related insights and data

Data Load - Initial Upload & Monthly Refreshes

  • Export the list of contacts needed to launch the program 
  • Import new leads that have changed jobs to your CRM
  • Connect the job change detected record with the existing contact record  

What type of access do we need?

Recommended - System Administrator 

  • Provide Lean Layer with System Administrator access to your Salesforce instance (sandbox and production)
  • This approach allows for us to execute this project in the quickest and most efficient way. It ensures that we will not hit any roadblocks with access during the duration of the project.  

If the team is unable to provide system admin access due to security purposes, we recommend the 'Custom Profile' option explained below.

Alternative Option - Custom Profile

This is for companies with strict security policies. 

Keep in mind with this approach it can extend the timeline of our project. Your Salesforce Admin can have other priorities that can impact our project timeline.

  • If you are unable to provide Lean Layer with admin-level access, your Salesforce Admin will be responsible to complete the Salesforce infrastructure and import the job change files.
    • The Salesforce configuration is documented and Lean Layer will be available for any support. 
    • Lean Layer does not implement infrastructure without having admin-level access as we often run into dependencies that further slow down the project. 
  • We will need to be assigned a profile that allows for the following: 
    • Ability to create reports and dashboards across the following objects: 
      • Lead (View All)
      • Contact (View All)
      • Opportunity  (View All)
        • Including History Reports
      • Account (View All)