Security FAQ

We abide by all common security best practices such as 2FA. Combined with our processes and policies, your customer lists cannot be traced back to you.

Customer Data

  • Lean Layer is a RevOps company and we will be onboarded as a contractor. Like any other RevOps contractors you may have worked with in the past, we will have limited access to your Salesforce and we will abide by all of your security polices and practices.
  • In your Salesforce, we will run a report filtered for your customers and export the following data into a CSV. We will not export any contact information.
First name Required
Last Name Required

Account Name

Account URL / Domain Required
Email Optional - we utilize the 'email domain' to help improve our accuracy to detect job changes
LinkedIn Profile Link Optional - if you have this information, please include if not, we will enrich the data with LinkedIn profiles
  • This data allows us to utilize Linkedin to see if any of your contacts have a different primary employment listed than what you had in your Salesforce.

LinkedIn is a public data source and all of the data we enrich comes from a person's profile on LinkedIn. We do not have access to any proprietary or private user data. 

  • We ingest this user data into our Salesforce instance and we do this without any context tying the record to your company.
  • We use a unique encrypted ID associated with your organization (stored in a separate system than where we house the contact data) so that we know which job change data we need to deliver to you.
  • These procedures combined ensure that we do not store any user data that can be traced back to you in context.

Please do not send us customer data including information that can identify you (such as your company name, URL, product name etc.) in any form including via email or Slack.

Technologies Used

  • We use the data centers of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) - GCP based in the United States as our backend to store job changes data.
  • We use Hubspot to store the unique ID associated with your organization.
  • We use CSV files to deliver job changes data into your CRM (Salesforce or Hubspot) using your CRMs data loading functionality.
  • All Lean Layer employees and where applicable contractors are required to use 2FA for our Hubspot, where we store the unique ID associated with your organization. 
  • Learn more about our security practices here.

Data Flow (tokenization and pseudonymization)

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